You’re not helping.

Man on gurney: Just so you know, I am really afraid of needles. I just can’t take it.

Wife of man on gurney: Yea, he gets very tense around needles.

Nurse: Okay, the power of distraction usually works well. My tip for you is to just relax. When you tense up, it actually makes it much more difficult to get the IV in.

Man on gurney: Okay (sitting stiff as a board).

Nurse: Shakes his arm lightly telling him to shake out all the tension. Just go ahead and look at your wife. Talk to her about something else.

On the count of three…one, two, three…

(advances needle to poke)

Man tenses up…

Man on gurney: Oh man, I don’t think I can take it. Oh man…this is bad. I can’t do this.

Wife of man on gurney: OH GAWD, that IS really bad!!! Wow… I am really sorry. That IS bad. WOW, that must REALLY hurt…

Man on gurney tenses up again, jerks arm, nurse misses vein.

Nurse looks across to wife…

Nurse: You’re not helping….

So, how about those Golden State Warriors?

Man on gurney: Oh yea they are great! Ouch!

Nurse advances needle along with catheter, pulls needle back quickly.

Nurse: IV is all set! Nice doing business with you sir.

The power of distraction…

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