How many hearts does an octopus have?

The answer can be found here!



Sea octopus are one of the interesting creators in the sea life. Octopus is a Greek word which is means eight footed. However, there are 300 different type of octopuses around the world all they live in the oceans. Octopus are invertebrates animal which means boneless and that is the reason that give the octopuses this shape. Moreover, octopus’s length and Wight determined by the environmental. For example, the octopus that live in cold water are bigger size than the octopus that life in warm water. The life span depends of the species of octopus, some of species live a few month on other hand, the bigger species of octopus can life a few years. Octopus have 3 heart, two of them for pumping the blood through the gills and the third heart to pumping the blue pale blood throughout his body. They can shoot a dark ink throughout his…

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