Tattoos and motorcycles do not guarantee…

Did you know a woman with tattoos, who rides a motorcycle, and appears to be a free bird doesn’t necessarily know about anal sex effecting breast milk supply? Take note folks who have preconceived notions: Believe it or not, people who are into different hobbies which may appear taboo…doesn’t always mean they are into those other bedroom kinks whatever they may be.

Everybody is just as individual as a snowflake.

So let’s share a story from the interwebs….

 Woman: “Hi hun how r u. …”

Woman continues: “Sorry to come here…but its maybe a little private subject… last week we were talking about nursing and breastmilk and my friend told me that anal intercourse effecting on breast quintity …like Physiological way she means … is that really true or do u have heared about this … actully we start to do it 2 year ago before our baby…and not addicted at all…like couple time in a month. But I didn’t think to focuse on, if its really effect or quintity or not.

Woman continues on: “Are you anger of my qestion ?”

Woman continues to continue on: “I didnt mean to be rude really”

Commentary: (Okay so she is obviously not bright, hence the grammatical errors, but I am just here to tell the story. We didn’t all pay ALL the attention in school, nor did we all win the spelling bee. So just stay with me.)

Friend: “Hi! I’ve never heard of that before, & I doubt that anal effects breastmilk quantity. The only things I’ve heard that do are: nutrition, hydration, stress, and how often the baby feeds.

Woman: “You are saying that of experiance.. or only you think?”

Woman continues: “Becouse some time ppl say many things diffrents …some right and some not.”

Friend: “Not from experience.”

Commentary: (HELLO!!?? After having your vagina ripped to whatever degree by vaginal childbirth recently…do you really think you are going to push the envelope with anal?)

Woman: “Aha … you mean you dont do it  also. Its ok… anyway i cant stop do it . Becouse my husband … you understand ne.”

Friend: “No problem.”

Woman: “<3”

So what is the motive here? I am not entirely certain? Was she really just wondering, and thought my friend would know because of her other likes/interests, and her appearance? Was she just being a weirdo?

Either way…Let’s just not assume.

We all know the saying…”Making an assumption makes an ASS out of U and ME.


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