When the party is over…

When I lived in Austin, Texas I was very healthy. I partied a lot… but I made sure to eat all of my vegetables, and went to the gym frequently. I visited one of the largest Whole Foods that I have ever seen in my life while living there. I hoped to see Matthew McConaughey there, but no luck. Anyhow, while Austin can throw a hell of a party, it is a very health focused city. It was like everyone I saw was exercising, eating their vegetables, etc. People also had their tacos, and some of the best barbecue in my opinion. I still dream of Salt Lick, and J Mueller’s. In Austin incorporating art, health, and exercise was the norm that I saw when I lived there… as well as letting loose when one needs to. Eventually when letting loose gets a little too loosey goosey, one needs to pick up all the pieces and move forward. I like to think of, “Death Becomes Her”… at the end while Goldie + Merrill are picking up their body parts. In all attempts to stay as beautiful as Isabella Rossellini… a detox is the best way to start! Goodbye meat sweats, and distillery level blood…and hello a fresh start back to the wealth of health!

A take away from Texas that I just recently purchased again that kept my skin looking good while I lived there in 2012 was this Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask. It deep cleans your pores like crazy, and gives you the detox that you feel like you may need once in a while. I mean… I need a good detox here and there to just feel balanced. They recommend that you use apple cider vinegar to mix the powder in. If the smell bothers you, then water is optional. My skin is sensitive so my face is sitting bright red as a write this. The tomato face effect lasts for about 30 minutes. Make sure to give yourself some time to let you blood divert back to the rest of your body! A little coconut oil to moisturize with also helps in the end. I use coconut oil everyday. Its easy, and if you put too much on you can put it on your arms and neck. Grandma always said to moisturize. Both of them had great skin all the way to the grave. Bless their hearts. I digress. Anyways…you can also jade roll or ice roll your face to cool it down a little. I learned about some pretty great rollers from the Forever35 podcast. They also reminded me of the mask, along with another friend while talking about skin care regimens. Anyhow, this little roller helps to de-puff, clear your sinuses, AND can also be used to roll away the pain for achy muscles.

The other thing I just got turned on to was the detox foot pads that you can wear at night. I was with friends, and I wasn’t careful about what I was eating. Having a very sensitive digestive system can really be annoying. Every so often I get the feeling of, “I will do what I want!!”… then I pay for it later. Ahhh aging is beautiful, isn’t it? That night I was exhausted, and my feet felt hot. Not like athletes foot hot, but what I am thinking is eastern medicine you f*cked your tummy up hot. I put on some detox pads with mugwort in them. I had some of the most lucid dreams in a month that night. Turns out mugwort can also do that to you. My guts most importantly felt better. This could be placebo effect, and I could be crazy… but it seems like it worked! So once in a while I will continue to treat myself with these detox foot pads. The packaging isn’t fancy, and nothing is really labeled. It is cheap though, and makes you feel good which is what matters most, right? Click the link below if you want to check them out!

By the way… I am by no means making a buck off of this. I am not an aesthetician. I am just a regular person sharing things that I like that make me feel good!

Because after all…

Sharing is caring.

-K. K. Powell

Salt Lick BBQ

Black Box BBQ

Ice Roller

Natural Recipe Foot Pads

Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask

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