Half baked

My generation. I am not a millennial, and I am not generation X. Us late 70’s and early 80’s babies did not grow up with social media keeping tabs on everything we did. We played Oregon Trails, and watched Mary die of dysentery. We climbed trees. We took candy from kind neighbors. We rode our bikes. We yelled over the tall trees to our other friends to come out to play. We threw down our bikes where we pleased. We played time machine in the closet. We paid a nickel for a lollipop at the corner market. We would go swimming, play telephone, and dress up. Do dance routines, croon overs to pop stars played at level 13 on the boombox, and swoon over Johnny Depp’s Cry Baby poster in the corner.

Our parents were products of growing up in the 50’s and 60’s and partly 70’s for some. They lived through a lot of change, the Vietnam War, voices of liberation, breaking freedom, and the ever emerging music scene surrounding rock n roll. Their parents lived through the Great Depression, and World War II. The evolution of rock n roll, blues, country kept spinning into some of the best music our little world has ever seen in my humble opinion. Mom and Dad would run off to an AC/DC concert. Grandma would sing along to the Supremes, and teach me the hand signs to the music. What about Great Grandma? Did anyone ever notice those older older generations didn’t act the same as the rest? They were more reserved. They acted “old”. Maybe it is because they were kind of old?

What is it to act old or older anyways?

Q-tips as my Grandfather called them. You know…that couple who walks about with white hair and white trainers. Those are Q-tips. My grandfather who I like to think is pretty cool told me that little definition.  Were the Q-tips acting “old”? Maybe? It is hard to say without talking to one from the Q-tip tribe. My grandfather still acts young…actually no… he acts like himself! This is probably the most important thing to do, right? When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the wrinkles, and the whole life you have led? All of the stress, and challenging lessons you have endured? Do you see the happiness, joy, and love you have experienced? Do you think about all of that at just a glance? Chances are you do not reminisce every time you look at your face in the mirror. Do you see the twenty something? The thirty something? The forty something? So on, and so forth? Or do you just see, “YOU”.

I met a man recently who was close to 90 years old. He looked like he was in his 60’s. I asked him what his trick was. He said that he supposed he didn’t “act his age”. He asked me, “What is it to act your age anyways?”, and I said I didn’t really know?  He said he remembered his parents, and how they were cranky, depressed, and serious all the time. Is that old? Is that acting your age? When an adult is acting like a child, and we say act your age what do we really even mean? I guess to act more responsible. He went on to say he just does what he wants, and what he feels like. He doesn’t really think about his age. He just does what makes him happy. Maybe that is why he looked so young. He didn’t act old and serious like his parents who both later died of cancer.

I talked to another woman today about aging. What is it to age, and act our age. Are we actually ever done developing? When is a person done learning everything they can? The truth is that no one is ever done developing. We are all half baked. We are never really done learning things in this world. You can fight against learning new lessons. You can think your mind is done developing, and wait around to die. But what quality does that give to your life? I have seen first hand the people who we think are toast, burnt ends, overcooked so to speak, and they still are the last to accept impending death. Again, the mind is ever evolving, and ever developing. Some of us accept death, and some do not. It happens to everyone though. All we can do is try to enjoy this ride whether is be incredibly messy, or with the grace of a butterfly balancing on a blade of grass. If we did what we wanted all along would it make dying easier? Who knows! But it honestly couldn’t hurt in most circumstances.

So we all do the best we can. We are the Fool card in the tarot deck with the innocence of children. We are lucky that we are from previous generations that want to be themselves, listen to the music they want, wear the clothes they want, and be the people who they want to be. THIS is what makes people appear younger than they really are as we age. We have fought for these freedoms in the past which had lead us to this very spot. Todays grandparents can be hippies, rockers, artists, eclectics, and whatever they damn well please. That is something that is pretty fucking great to me. Also how about freedom of speech! (wink, wink). It is great that our previous generations have set us up to live our best lives. Just remember, we all are a work in progress, and we are all just half baked. So… keep on cooking good looking. You got this thing called life. Don’t waste it. It’s your own recipe.

Bon Appetit!

-K. K. Powell

When the party is over…

When I lived in Austin, Texas I was very healthy. I partied a lot… but I made sure to eat all of my vegetables, and went to the gym frequently. I visited one of the largest Whole Foods that I have ever seen in my life while living there. I hoped to see Matthew McConaughey there, but no luck. Anyhow, while Austin can throw a hell of a party, it is a very health focused city. It was like everyone I saw was exercising, eating their vegetables, etc. People also had their tacos, and some of the best barbecue in my opinion. I still dream of Salt Lick, and J Mueller’s. In Austin incorporating art, health, and exercise was the norm that I saw when I lived there… as well as letting loose when one needs to. Eventually when letting loose gets a little too loosey goosey, one needs to pick up all the pieces and move forward. I like to think of, “Death Becomes Her”… at the end while Goldie + Merrill are picking up their body parts. In all attempts to stay as beautiful as Isabella Rossellini… a detox is the best way to start! Goodbye meat sweats, and distillery level blood…and hello a fresh start back to the wealth of health!

A take away from Texas that I just recently purchased again that kept my skin looking good while I lived there in 2012 was this Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask. It deep cleans your pores like crazy, and gives you the detox that you feel like you may need once in a while. I mean… I need a good detox here and there to just feel balanced. They recommend that you use apple cider vinegar to mix the powder in. If the smell bothers you, then water is optional. My skin is sensitive so my face is sitting bright red as a write this. The tomato face effect lasts for about 30 minutes. Make sure to give yourself some time to let you blood divert back to the rest of your body! A little coconut oil to moisturize with also helps in the end. I use coconut oil everyday. Its easy, and if you put too much on you can put it on your arms and neck. Grandma always said to moisturize. Both of them had great skin all the way to the grave. Bless their hearts. I digress. Anyways…you can also jade roll or ice roll your face to cool it down a little. I learned about some pretty great rollers from the Forever35 podcast. They also reminded me of the mask, along with another friend while talking about skin care regimens. Anyhow, this little roller helps to de-puff, clear your sinuses, AND can also be used to roll away the pain for achy muscles.

The other thing I just got turned on to was the detox foot pads that you can wear at night. I was with friends, and I wasn’t careful about what I was eating. Having a very sensitive digestive system can really be annoying. Every so often I get the feeling of, “I will do what I want!!”… then I pay for it later. Ahhh aging is beautiful, isn’t it? That night I was exhausted, and my feet felt hot. Not like athletes foot hot, but what I am thinking is eastern medicine you f*cked your tummy up hot. I put on some detox pads with mugwort in them. I had some of the most lucid dreams in a month that night. Turns out mugwort can also do that to you. My guts most importantly felt better. This could be placebo effect, and I could be crazy… but it seems like it worked! So once in a while I will continue to treat myself with these detox foot pads. The packaging isn’t fancy, and nothing is really labeled. It is cheap though, and makes you feel good which is what matters most, right? Click the link below if you want to check them out!

By the way… I am by no means making a buck off of this. I am not an aesthetician. I am just a regular person sharing things that I like that make me feel good!

Because after all…

Sharing is caring.

-K. K. Powell

Salt Lick BBQ

Black Box BBQ

Ice Roller

Natural Recipe Foot Pads

Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask

August’s New Moon + Solar Eclipse

I do dabble in astrology pretty much every day. Today’s new moon reminded me of what I am grateful for. I remember sitting at the dinner table with my family as a kid. Before we would start to eat there were no prayers in the later years. Maybe that was because my folks had three teens that they were dealing with? Who knows! What we did do a lot was start out by saying what we were grateful for and/or what we learned that day. I don’t know if people do this kind of stuff anymore… but they should! Why leave it for just new moons?

I have never been a rich person. My family and I have worked hard for everything that we have done in this world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To be humble is what helps to build character. I like seeing all walks of life in all different situations because it’s what keeps this world interesting. I believe Rick Steves said something about getting out side, and being with the people while traveling Europe. He goes on to talk about how if you are in fancy room with fancy cars that will take you everywhere, then how exactly do you see the world? You get a different view. You miss out on things. Cracks, imperfections, eccentrics, type A personalities, laissez faire personalities, people who are down right crazy, people who are just normal Joe Schmoes, people with FLAIR, these are the people that make the world go round. Why miss out on that?

This is I guess what I am grateful for. All the different people, and being able to notice and appreciate it while being right in the thick of it.

What are you grateful for?


-K.K. Powell

Stolen work

Well as hard as the truth hurts A LOT, I recently found on Instagram today that my work had been stolen by a more popular poet who has been published. It’s my own fault. I never did any copywriting. Still it stings like a bitch! So this website will only be for my own thoughts on others work, posts of work I like, and thoughts on other things. No more of my poetry, nor stories until they have been published though for my own protection.

and lastly…

Fuck you to the guy who blazingly stole my work. I never realized you took pieces of my poem and posted it on your Facebook claiming it to be your own. Especially since a woman had what was “your words” tattooed on her. You’re a phony…and those were actually a woman’s words to begin with… not a mans.

Nobody likes a thief.

Just goes to show. Protect your work people.

I apologize to any follows who liked my poetry and/or stories in the past. I will keep you all updated on any published work in the future.

With love,


Mt. Punk

Up at Mt. Shasta recently I have found my creative faucet is flowing again. I just needed some mountain time. So I leave you with this joke that I was told on a hike. You see, the people of Mt. Shasta can be very metaphysical in their beliefs, but also have a great sense of humor. As someone who used to have a mohawk once upon a time, I found this very funny. 

So Garth, the camp host told Critter from Ashville, North Carolina… who then told me-
You know those 3000 year old trees down there are very knowledgeable. I was surprised with how up to date they are, and they have a great sense of humor! Ever had a tree tell you a joke? Critter told Garth… No, but he was dying to hear it.

Garth said-

Why did the punk rocker cross the road?
Because he had a chicken stapled to his head!

I roared in laughter, a laughter so big it rolled through the meadows. 

-K.K. Powell