illusion is our blindfold


My body

My mind


From the sacred

Mania and domination


History and habit




I have seen the unseen

Of persecution

And separation

The same blindfold


Fallen from grace

Thrust divinity

Mother Earth gives life to energy

Blindfolds falling off

I opened my heart


That my breath

is air

My energy

Is fire

My blood

Is my spirit

Journeying into transcendent realms

Into a distant heaven

I returned

Illusion is our blindfold

K.K. Powell

No flu for you tonic

Okay, okay, it is safe to say I felt more scared in the hyperbaric like chamber of the airplane these past few days than running around in the Emergency Department. People hacking up probable viral droplets which were recirculated and recirculated.  I ordered my sparkling wine, and tried to forget about it between washing my hands for what seemed like ten million times over.

As I reminded myself, I also hope to remind others. Don’t wipe your nose with your hands. Sneeze in your elbow or armpit. Douche your nose with sterile saline. Most importantly, there is a tonic I have been drinking and thinking of.  Sometimes it will give a laxative effect…but I highly doubt anyone would mind that after eating for two or three all holiday season. You see, living in northern California makes all of this quite easy. Lemons grown right off a friends tree. Maple syrup from the refrigerator. Cayenne pepper from the cupboard. Ginger root, and turmeric root from the local grocery store. Add some apple cider vinegar for an increase in digestive motility. There you have it. Haven’t been sick yet. Knocking on wood, every time I say it. But the tonic seems to work…so far.  This also helps for awful allergies by replacing maple syrup with local honey if you aren’t vegan. If you are vegan, then stick with the maple syrup. This will still clear you up!!

Powell’s Winter Tonic

1 quart measuring glass

1-2 tablespoons grated turmeric

1-2 tablespoons grated ginger

2 Meyer lemons or regular lemons juiced, keep three wedges in water

1 teaspoon cayenne

1 tablespoon maple syrup

1/2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (optional)

Enough boiled water to fill quart measuring glass

Let sit for about 5 minutes, then strain into mason jars. It is best to be able to shake or stir it up to get a good dose of cayenne up in there!

-K.K. Powell


Working man blues or not?

On Christmas Eve I treated myself to getting my nails done. I have been working hard lately, and taking on extra shifts. The ER can be stressful, but it’s what I choose to do for work. So until Colorado and Paris, only one day off at a time.

I asked the ladies in the nail shop out of curiosity how much time they get per week. She smiled, and replied with one day off per week. She looked tired, but her reality she seemed to be okay with. She was still smiling, and joking around at times! On Christmas Day, I asked the man from Yemen who owned the corner store (where I was buying wine from) how many days he gets off per week. He replied with none. No days off. One year on, one year off… sometimes. He went on to explain how Yemen is at war now. There are no hospitals, and no schools. This makes it so he cannot go home. It’s too dangerous. So for now, he works everyday.

If you are wondering how my Christmas was I will tell you. I will tell you that I was reminded that most of us in America have things very well. Most of us get two or more days off per week. We have schools. We have hospitals. Yes, our current president is an awful man… but he cannot he in office forever. Working hard to reach your goals pays off. Sometimes it is hard, but just remember that there is always someone who has things worse off than you… and sometimes that person is still smiling.

Happy holidays!

-K.K. Powell

Spiritual Counseling God Damnit!

My mouth gets the best of me at times. Sometimes real talk is too real. I turn red. Sometimes following by bursting into laughter. Honestly you can’t win all the time. At work a spiritual counselor comes to find me at the nurses station to tell me a woman’s mask to assist her breathing was starting to fall off. If only the poor woman didn’t absolutely need it to live. I replied, “God damnit!”. The spiritual counselor just stared at me in silence. I felt judged. I replied, “Oh shit!”…it was like I had Tourette’s syndrome. She continues to look to me in silence. I reply again, “God damnit, shit….no! Sorry about that.”. I am pretty sure I was bright red by now since my face felt hotter than hades. I am not a super religious person, but I do hold respect for others and their belief systems. She said it wasn’t a problem, and asked if I felt like I needed to be forgiven. I laughed telling her I needed to be forgiven for a LOT more than that. We both smiled.

-K.K. Powell

Notes from the yoga mat: Mantra Three

I woke up this morning to hear that fifty eight people in Las Vegas died at a Jason Aldean show with hundreds injured. I found that people I hold close to my heart were okay. Hours later I would hear that Tom Petty died of a coronary event.  Just weeks ago Charles Bradley died of cancer. We have had hurricanes and earth quakes destroying the earth this year as well. We have someone who doesn’t seem to care about people nor our planet sitting in our white house spewing hate and horrible ideas. With so much tragedy it is hard to see the positive in daily life. Negativity is a real bitch, and happens to be very contagious.

There are many things we simply cannot control whether is be a natural or man made force. During this time we can come together to help unfortunate circumstances by donating time/money/clothing/food, etc. We can be good to each other. Take out a do no harm, but take no shit policy. We can also hold gratitude for the time we have shared with others. We can hold gratitude for the way they have inspired us. We can also hold gratitude for what we have, and the fact that we have the opportunity to help others.  I encourage everyone to focus of the positive as much as they can today and the weeks to come. I am not saying to not acknowledge sadness and hurt. I am saying to acknowledge it, let it go, and be proactive in healing in a healthy way.


Instead of focusing on the negative, I choose to focus on the positive.

Gratitude is the attitude. -K.K. Powell